Which Airnugz is right for you?

 Tell us about your space and we can help!

Airganics is known for its powerful filtration solutions for greenhouse odor control. Our full line of AIRNUGZ™, featuring our proprietary DUAC Filter, is designed to eliminate odors from plants, fertilizers, mold, scents, food or any organic smell. Whatever size your operation may be, we can design a solution for you!

Large Space 


  • Air Volume up to 2200CFM
  • 24"x24"x12" DUAC Filter
  • Casters for Mobility
  • $2,000 Per Unit

AIRNUGZ 1200™ is designed for a large space where floor space is tight. The vertical design and the powerful motor make the AIRNUGZ 1200™ the solution for a wide range of greenhouse. 

  • Mid Air Volume up to 1200CFM
  • Small Footprint / Vertical Design
  • Handtruck Style / Easy Transport
  • $1,600 Per Unit
  • Air Volume up to 800CFM
  • Variable Speed Rheostat
  • Stackable up to 3 machines
  • $1,200 Per Unit

Already own our products? Need an additional filter? Perhaps ducting for exhaust or intake? Click here for the extras, we have it all!

  • DUAC Filter
  • MERV CHARK Filter
  • TriTek Filter
  • Ducting
  • Intake Duct Doors

Medium Space 


Smaller Space 




AIRNUGZ 2200™ is designed for largest spaces where maximum air flow is required. The horizontal and stackable design, combined with a 2hp motor, make the AIRNUGZ 2200™ ideal for greenhouse with critical air filtration needs.

AIRNUGZ 800™ is our most versatile unit for small spaces or extereme portability. This unit is designed to either be suspened or stacked. You can also "daisy chain" up to three AN800 together from a single outlet. 

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